Signage in Carré

Assigned by the Royal Theatre Carré, Studio Tjimkje designed and optimised the new signage of the world famous Carré theatre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The reference boards were replaced by golden and black murals, matching and blending perfectly with the style, colour, and spirit of the historic building.


Design: Tjimkje de Boer
Assignment: Signage
Assigned by: Royal Theatre Carré
Year of design:
Location: Amsterdam

Elegant Routing

The historic Carré theatre is beautifully located on the bank of the river Amstel. Its original design features a symmetric floor-plan. When facing the stage, the venue therefore naturally splits into a right-hand and a left-hand side. As the previous signage mixed even and odd numbers, confusion among visitors often took hold. In order to bring back clarity, we decided to restore the former divide of the building into left and right. The new signage communicates this routing in a clear and elegant way.

Pure and Simple

By consistently using the variations in typography from the existing corporate identity, a clear deviation between routing and place of destination is created.

Ice Cream

The theatre, traditionally built as a circus, has a strong history of selling ice cream and popcorn from the cloakrooms. What better way to communicate this than an old-school ice cream sign?

Royal Theater Carré

The Carré theatre: A place full of history and tradition, well-known in Amsterdam and far beyond. It therefore was an honour to carry out this assignment for the organization managing this beautiful venue, Royal Theatre Carré.