Reflection in the brightest and most colorful sense

Picturesque mirrors are balancing on the fine lines between art and design. Without losing the original function of the mirror, the relation between the product and its surrounding is wholly redefined. The magic colour palette, which appears to be a puddle on the mirror, immerses reflections in an interaction of lustrous colors.


Design: Tjimkje de Boer
Material: epoxy & mirror glass
Year of design: 2014
Dimensions: various
Lead time: 4-8 weeks

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The canvas

The process of pouring the colors over the surface of the mirror has created the illusion of these colors fusing in slow motion. The proces only allows limited direction and serendipity is the defining element in creation of the final result.

The proces

Each product is created layer by layer, with great passion, focus and craftsmanship. The layers merge into one visual composition full detail and depth. Every product is unique and reproduction impossible.


All works are equipped with an aluminum suspension system. As a result, the objects are released from the wall, making them seem to float in front of it.

Pictu-resque series

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