Converso Simplex

A multifunctional and easily transformable piece of furniture, created to improve and stimulate conversation in the broadest sense of the word.


The presenture setting provides a presentation platform which is easily adjustable to different heights. The additional platform at the front provides room to place attributes or accessories.


Presentation height Q+B element: 750mm up to 1250mm

Design: Anne-Marie Twigge & Tjimkje de Boer
Material: composite carbon fiber elements & stainless steel
Year of design: 2017
Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 750mm
Lead time: on request


By tilting the cube, the presenter cleverly transforms into a lectern setting. This makes it extremely suitable for informal presentations. The worksheet provides plenty of space to have laptop, tablet or notes at your fingertips during the entire presentation. The bench element can easily be released from under the ‘school bench’ to be used as a separate seating element.


Seater Q element: 450mm
Table Q element: 750mm
Seater B element: 410mm


The absolute “power” setting. Not only does the extendable presentation plateau rise, the speaker will also raise herself or himself by means of the step. A familiar image with important presentations, in this setting attention is automatically drawn to the main speaker. Perfect for big-audience lectures.


Step height Q element: 1200mm
Presentation height Q+B element: 750mm up to 1250mm


The informal setting for a dialogue, presentation or interview, in which the bar stool and the bench can be used as separate objects.By tilting the bench element, it transforms into a convenient pedestal or side table.


Seater Q element: 550mm
Seater B element: 410mm
Pedestal B element: 750mm


By combining the two elements, a dual presentation platform arises. The platform at the front provides space to place accessories supporting the presentation. This position provides plenty of space to place a laptop, tablet or notes on the upper shelf.


Presentation hight Q+B element: 1160mm