From Mold to product

Observing the production process of composite products, it seemed unjust that the molds would never see the light of day. Repeatingly shaping and creating products, without ever being set free in to world. With the Mold series the proces is reversed making the mold and product switch places.


Design: Tjimkje de Boer
Material: epoxy, carbon fiber
Year of design: 2017
Dimensions: ...
Lead time: 4-8 weeks

Additional information: download our datasheet for more information

Inside out

By turning the proces inside out and covering the positive shape of the chair, the mold is transformed into the final product. The black carbon fiber determines the color of the outer skin. The first applied layer however consists  of a gelcoat and comes in a variety of color. Releasing the positive of the chair, the mold is finally ready to enter the world.

Carbon fiber

All products within this series are laminated which recycled carbon fibers. A beautiful isotropic alternative, creating a seamless finish. The self releasing product, hence in this case the mold, is created with recycled fibers as well.

Molds series

The mold series will be expanded shortly with versatile pieces suited to both living and dining areas. Keep an eye on our website or click to button underneath to stay fully informed about the latest new and developments.

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