Colorful connections

A series of tables echoing the Picturesque Mirrors. Instead of being reflected the light passes though the glass table tops, creating a beautiful and subtle reflection of the original color pallet on it’s surroundings.


Design: Tjimkje de Boer
Material: epoxy, glass, powder coated
Year of design: 2018
Dimensions: various
Lead time: 4-8 weeks

Additional information: download our datasheet for more information

Tilt and combine

The picturesque table tops rest on a geometric powder coated steel fame. By tilting the framework various combinations can originate form te same base.

The frame is available in different versions depending on the desired size and height of the table.

The beauty of translucent table tops

Each product is created layer by layer, with great passion, focus and craftsmanship. The layers merge into one visual composition full detail and depth.


The lustrous colors are composed and mixed with great care. This allows the tabletops to be in complete harmony with their surroundings, or stand out and shine bright. Every product is unique and reproduction impossible.


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Picturesque Mirrors