Enjoy the Peace and Quietness

In today’s open-space interiors, unwanted sound resonance can compromise the experience of its users. Wrapping sound absorption and lighting into one multifunctional design, the Rice Field-series elegantly tackles this challenge head-on. Inspired by the shape of rice fields, this solution restores peace and quietness to every open space inside.

The acoustic lighting series Rice Field are part of the Acoustic Design Solutions collection.


Design: Tjimkje de Boer
Material: melamine foam & 3D printed nylon
Year of design: 2014
Dimensions: various
Lead time: 2-6 weeks

Additional information: download our datasheet for more information

Acoustics at Work

These acoustic lampshades are created using melamine foam, an open cell material with outstanding acoustic properties. By extruding its flat surface, the shade’s volume is increased, improving its acoustic effectiveness. This reduces reverberation, while speech intelligibility is increased. All acoustic luminaires are developed in collaboration with Post Acoustics. This partnership ensures optimal acoustic effectiveness for each model.

Lighting Properties

The combination between outstanding acoustic properties and high quality LED lighting results in an inventive system, controlling both light and sound. Indispensable at your office or at home, all luminaires are equipped with a warm white, dimmable light bulb.

About our melamine foam

Our melamine foam is fire resistant up to 300 minutes, making our luminaries perfectly suitable for public areas. And that’s not all. The foam used in our designs is certified by the State of California for having a minimal environmental footprint during production.

Rice Field-Series

The Rice Field-series consist of designs in two different sizes. Want to see more? See our full collection.

Acoustic Design Solutions